Your Donation Empowers Collaboration!

You Make Working Together Apart Possible.

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You Make Working Together Apart Possible.

TOGETHER APART! COVID-19 isn't stopping Shelley, Retha, and Christina!

Shelley, Retha, and Christina have been doing the hard work of educating themselves and talking with their neighbors about climate change; it’s tough going, especially working in small rural towns already burdened by poverty, inequality and the lack of basic tools like reliable high speed internet.

These Women Need Your Encouragement.

Covid-19 has upended their plans, but Shelley, Retha and Christina are still committed to climate education. They are adapting and will come through COVID-19 and the disruptions it causes. As they do, they need to know you are with them.

Your gift bolsters Shelley, Retha, and Christina and empowers their collaboration.