Your Donation Empowers Collaboration!

You Make Working Together Apart Possible.

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You Make Working Together Apart Possible.

TOGETHER APART! COVID-19 isn't stopping Shelley, Retha, and Christina!

Shelley, Retha, and Christina have been doing the hard work of educating themselves and talking with their neighbors about climate change; it’s tough going, especially working in small rural towns already burdened by poverty, inequality and the lack of basic tools like reliable high speed internet.

These Women Need Your Encouragement.

Covid-19 has upended their plans, but Shelley, Retha and Christina are still committed to climate education. They are adapting and will come through COVID-19 and the disruptions it causes. As they do, they need to know you are with them.

Your gift bolsters Shelley, Retha, and Christina and empowers their collaboration.

Your donation empowers other individual civic engagement for climate and racial equity solutions around the state, furthers free educational virtual events, ensures future Citizens Climate Education conference and travel scholarships, and more!